In a recent viral scandal, a cemetery in the Philippines was found to be operating in an incredibly unsanitary manner. In video footage taken by an individual who happened to be visiting the cemetery, you can see bodies piled high in various areas, with rodents and other animals freely roaming around. This has understandably raised a lot of concerns among people, with many calling for investigations into the matter. If you’re curious about what all the hubbub is about and want to learn more, check out the link below. We’ll provide a full rundown of the scandal along with some of the reactions it’s been getting online.

A viral video of a woman urinating on a grave in a cemetery has gone viral on social media

A viral video of a woman urinating on a grave in a cemetery has gone viral on social media. The footage, which has been shared online by several users, shows the woman walking around the graves before squatting down and relieving herself on one of the headstones. According to some reports, the woman is believed to be from the Philippines. The video has since been deleted from some platforms but can still be found on Twitter, Reddit, and Telegram.

In a statement issued to local news outlet ABS-CBN News, officials from the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) said that they are investigating the incident. “We have received reports about an incident involving a female who urinated in a cemetery. Our team is now investigating this case," DPWH Spokesperson Dionardo Carlos said.

This disturbing video has sparked outrage on social media and many people are demanding answers as to why it was filmed and why it was shared online. While there is no evidence yet that links this particular incident to any organized crime or corruption schemes, we will continue to monitor the situation closely as investigations unfold.

The video has been shared on Twitter, Reddit, and Telegram with the tag #PinasCemetery

The video has been shared on Twitter, Reddit, and Telegram with the tag #PinasCemetery. The video shows a group of people walking around in a cemetery while filming with their phones. Suddenly, they start to scream and run away. What they filmed is apparently a ghost that they saw moving throughout the cemetery.

Since the video was first uploaded to Twitter on May 28th, it has received over 850,000 views and generated a lot of controversy. Some people believe that the ghost is real while others think that it’s just an elaborate prank. However, no one knows for sure what’s going on in this cemetery!

The woman in the video is said to be from Pinay

The woman in the video is said to be from Pinay. The incident happened at a cemetery in Manila. Officials say that the woman went on a rampage, damaging headstones and throwing objects around. She was eventually arrested and is now facing charges of mischief and vandalism.

There have been calls for the woman to be arrested and charged with vandalism

There has been a growing online outcry calling for the woman in the viral video of her allegedly vandalizing a cemetery to be arrested and charged with vandalism. The clip, filmed in Pinay, went viral on social media yesterday after being posted on Twitter and Reddit.

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The woman is seen walking around the gravesites with a paintbrush, daubing graffiti onto tombstones. Some of the words she writes appear to be “thief” and “rapist”. In one particularly disturbing sequence, she can be seen painting the word “murderer” over the grave of a little girl.

Many commenters have condemned the woman’s actions as reprehensible and offensive. One Twitter user wrote: “This woman should be arrested for vandalizing a cemetery! Shameful that it takes something like this to get people’s attention.”

Others have pointed out that the woman is not alone in resorting to such behaviour - many Filipino cemeteries are plagued by vandalism, often perpetrated by youths looking for an opportunity to act out. According to Rappler reporter Pia Ranada, some 32 cemeteries in Metro Manila were vandalized between January 1st and December 31st last year - an average of two per week.

A viral video of a woman in a cemetery pinay has sparked outrage online

The video of a woman in a cemetery pinay has sparked outrage online. The clip, which has been making the rounds on social media, shows the woman standing among graves while disturbing music plays in the background. Some netizens have branded her as “uncivilized” and “vile”, while others have asked why she was filming in a burial ground.

In an interview with ABS-CBN News, the woman said that she filmed the video as part of a “social experiment”. She added that she did not mean to offend anyone and is sorry if her actions have caused any offence.

The viral video has spurred calls for government action from some quarters. Representatives from the Catholic Church have also condemned it, saying that it could lead to desecration of graves.

The video shows the woman urinating on a gravestone and then throwing water on it

The video shows the woman urinating on a gravestone and then throwing water on it. Many people are wondering why she did this and some are even calling her disgusting. It is unknown if she was drunk or not, but authorities say that they will investigate the incident.


The viral video of a Filipino woman berating cemetery workers for not properly disposing of her husband’s remains has caused a major scandal online. The woman, identified as Mrs. Mona Santos, can be seen in the video yelling and shaking the head of one of the workers as he tries to explain that they have already carried out the required procedures. Santos then proceeds to pull out her cell phone and film the incident, which quickly goes viral on social media.

The video has sparked outrage online, with many condemning Santos for her behavior. Many are also calling for an investigation into the matter, as it is unclear what specifically led to the outburst. In a statement released earlier this week, Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada said that he had asked police to investigate whether any criminal offences had been committed in connection with the incident.

Santos has since issued an apology for her actions, saying that she was “out of control” due to anger over her husband’s death. She has also promised to donate money to a charity dedicated to helping families who have lost members in accidents or in military service.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the full video about?

The full video shows a woman disrespecting a deceased person’s tomb in a cemetery. The video has since gone viral on social media and sparked outrage from viewers. Some are calling for the woman’s arrest while others are asking why no one intervened to stop the disrespectful behavior.

Why is this being circulated online?

The video is circulating online because it is controversial and shocking. Some viewers find it amusing while others are outraged by the woman’s behavior.

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