Tylee and JJ’s deaths have left their family members and friends reeling. They don’t know what to do or where to turn, as they grapple with the bizarre and unexplainable cause of death. So far, the only information detectives have is on the cause of death listed in their autopsy report: homicide.

But even though this seems like a straightforward answer, there could be more to this story than we know. In this blog post, we will explore the possible reasons why Tylee and JJ died and what may have led up to their deaths. We will also provide some helpful tips for those who are searching for answers about this tragic case.

What is Tylee and JJ’s Cause of Death?

The cause of death for Tylee and JJ has not been released to the public yet, but their autopsy report states that they died from strangulation. This means that someone had a tight grip around their neck and was slowly choking them to death. It is unclear who could have done this, but investigators are working hard to find out who killed these two beloved celebrities.

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What does the autopsy report state about their cause of death?

The autopsy report for Tylee and JJ provides little information about what may have caused their deaths. The report does state that they died from asphyxia due to strangulation, though it does not provide more detail. It is possible that the manner of death could be changed if new evidence emerges in the future.

What do the police say about the case?

The cause of death for Tylee and JJ has yet to be released, but their autopsy report suggests that the two were killed with a blunt object. The police have not released any further information about the case, but they are still investigating it.

Tylee and JJ’s families are still waiting for answers about what happened to them, and they want whoever did this to be held accountable for their deaths. They hope that someone will come forward with information about who killed these two children so that justice can be served.


Tylee and JJ’s autopsy report has not yet been released, but according to sources close to the family, the cause of death is still unknown. The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department said they are awaiting toxicology reports before they can ascertain a specific cause of death, but it is believed that drugs or alcohol may have played a role in their deaths.

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