Bearfruit Boutique products are made with only the finest ingredients, ensuring your skin feels amazing every time you use them! Their ingredients include:

  • Almond oil
  • Shea butter
  • Cocoa butter
  • Macadamia nut oil

These ingredients work together to create a smooth, nourishing base for your skin. The almond oil and macadamia nut oil help to keep your skin looking hydrated and healthy, while the Shea butter and Cocoa butter add a layer of protection against the elements.

Are the Bearfruit Boutique products effective?

The Bearfruit Boutique has been a hot topic lately and for good reason! The products are effective and affordable. I was skeptical at first, but after trying out a few of the products I can say that they are definitely legit!

One product that I love is the Bearfruit Elasticity Mask. It’s a hydrating mask that helps to restore elasticity and firmness to the skin. My skin felt amazing after using it and it was affordable too!

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Another great product is the Bearfruit Hydrating Serum. It’s a lightweight serum that nourishes the skin while helping to reduce the appearance of pores. I love how my skin feels when I use it and it’s also affordable!

Overall, I’m really impressed with the Bearfruit Boutique products and would recommend them to anyone looking for quality skincare at an affordable price."

Is Bearfruit Boutique a scam?

Bearfruit Boutique is legit, according to June’s Fair Reviews. The store has a variety of fruits and vegetables, as well as health and beauty products. Prices are reasonable, and the staff is friendly and helpful.

In addition to Bearfruit Boutique, June also recommends The Green Grocery in southwest Portland for healthy groceries; Earth Fare in northwest Portland for organic produce; and Reformation Food Co-op in northeast Portland for bulk items.


In conclusion, I would say that Bearfruit Boutique is definitely a legit online store. They offer a wide variety of items and their prices are very reasonable. The only downside to Bearfruit Boutique is that they don’t have any physical stores location yet. However, they do ship worldwide so you can order from anywhere in the world!

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