We all know King Von, the clown who has been terrorizing the internet with his gruesome photos. What you may not know is that he’s actually a photographer whose work explores the darker side of human life. Check out his website and explore some of his most popular works, which include photos of autopsy scenes and crime scenes. You might be surprised at just how morbid these photos can be.

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What is King Von Autopsy?

King Von Autopsy is a surreal photo series that features dismembered corpses. The photographer, Dan Winters, takes shots of the bodies in various stages of decay, from skin and muscle to bones and internal organs. The photos are eerie and grotesque, but also strangely beautiful.

Winters is not a professional photographer, and he started King Von Autopsy as a way to experiment with photography. He says that he’s never been particularly interested in death or horror movies, but he was struck by the similarities between the way corpses look and the way people look after they’ve died.

The photos have been met with mixed reactions online. Some people find them quite disturbing, while others find them visually stunning. Regardless of people’s opinions on King Von Autopsy, it’s an interesting series that deserves to be explored more than it has been so far.

What does the photo involve?

The photo in question shows an individual seated in a chair with their eyes closed and their head tilted back. The person’s skin is pale and there are visible bruises on the person’s neck and around their mouth. The photograph has been circulating online for years, but no one knows who the person is or what it means. Some people believe that the image represents King Von Autopsy, a horror movie character who was supposedly killed off in a fight scene. Other people think that the image could be of someone who committed suicide. The true meaning of the photo remains a mystery.

King Von Autopsy is one of the most popular online memes on the internet. The meme started as a reaction to a picture of Donald Trump with blood coming out of his mouth. The meme typically features someone poking fun at Trump by making him do something silly, like King Von Autopsy. It has become so popular that it even has its own website, kingvonautopsy.com. In 2018, King Von Autopsy was voted number ten on the list of the top 50 internet memes by Time magazine.


In this exploration of King von Autopsy photo, we take a look at what makes the photography so captivating. By exploring the use of light and color in particular, von Autopsy creates a style that is both visually stunning and deeply thought-provoking. Whether you’re a fan of his work or not, it’s worth examining the techniques he uses in order to see how they can be applied to your own photos.

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