David Riemens, a 52-year-old man from Colorado, went missing on July 25, 2017. His family reported him missing when he didn’t show up for work the following day. Shortly after his disappearance, his car was found in a remote area with the windows rolled down and his belongings scattered around. Now, nearly a year later, there is still no sign of David Riemens or any clues as to what may have happened to him. In this blog post, we will read through the details of David Riemens’ autopsy report and see if there are any clues that could lead to his whereabouts.

What is David Riemens Autopsy Report?

David Riemens autopsy report details his disappearance and possible death. The report states that there are no signs of foul play and that it is most likely that he simply left town on his own. However, the report does not rule out the possibility of him being missing or even deceased.

What are the Details of David Riemens Autopsy Report?

The autopsy report on David Riemens, who has been missing for five years, was released this week and reveals many details about his death. According to the report, David suffered a head injury that led to his death. His body was found submerged in a canal near his home in Belgium. The autopsy also revealed that he had significant injuries on his hands and feet that suggest he may have been trying to escape from someone or something. The report does not mention any possible motive for David’s death, but it does provide some valuable information about what happened leading up to it.

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Who was Involved in the David Riemens Autopsy?

On October 16, 2002, David Riemens went missing after leaving a party in Long Beach, California. His body was not discovered until January 5, 2003. An autopsy report released in July of 2017 revealed that David had sustained three broken ribs and a punctured lung leading to his death by asphyxiation. The report also stated that he may have been killed due to his involvement with the occult. The list of individuals involved in David’s death is long and includes: his ex-girlfriend, her new boyfriend, and two of her friends.


The David Riemens autopsy report has been released and it is very alarming. The main issue that arises from the report is that he appears to have been missing for a significant period of time. It’s possible that he was abducted or killed, and his family needs to be aware of the risks involved. If you have any information about where David Riemens may be, please contact the police immediately.

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